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September 2011 Fighter of the Month

by Old School ~ October 10th, 2011

On September 10, Cage Titans returned MMA to Plymouth Memorial Hall with their show “United.” In the main event that night, undefeated up-and-comer Frank Sforza defeated Featherweight Champion Billy Jones. Undefeated as an amateur as well as in his professional career, Frank has been steamrolling his way through the 145-lb division. With the Jones victory he also steamrolled his way to Northeast MMA’s September Fighter of the Month. (more…)


by Old School ~ August 9th, 2011

Although the MMActivity has slowed for a few weeks, things here at NorthEast MMA have been a little hectic; more on that in the near future. With the help of Rick Caldwell, we have updated our Pro Rankings. (more…)


by Old School ~ August 5th, 2011

July 2011 fighter of the Month
From: Old School

In November of 2008, Jeff Anderson walked into the MMA gym for the first time. (more…)


by Old School ~ July 9th, 2011

June 2011: Fighter of the Month
From: Dusty

On Friday, June 19, at the AFO Summer Brawl event in Mansfield MA, undefeated MMA fighter and former NFLer Tyler King showed up for what was supposed to be his seventh win in a row. He would then be handed the AFO Heavyweight Title Belt and go home and wait for the UFC to call. Unfortunately for Tyler, his opponent, Randy Smith, never got the memo. (more…)

May 2011 Fighter of the Month

by Old School ~ June 5th, 2011

Fighter of the month has been a bit of a forgotten area here lately, largely due to the time constraints of our writers. But a recent addition to the staff has revived the popular theme!

From the desk of our newest writer, The Dirtman:

May Fighter of the Month: PEDRO GONZALES (more…)

Fighter of the Month – December 2010

by Old School ~ March 10th, 2011

Every month we feature a top local fighter who has made some waves and is flirting with moving on to the big show. You know the type. They destroy their opponents, and others simply refuse to fight them. Talented beyond the local talent pool, most are destined to take the leap to the next level.

And then there’s December’s Fighter of the Month…

It’s not to say that he’s not destined for greatness. But here’s a guy who has taken it the distance to some controversial decision victories again some of the area’s top local talent.

Brett Oteri has been smothering and grinding his way to the top of the welterweight heap. It hasn’t been pretty but Brett makes NO excuses for his workhorse style. As a matter of fact, he’s the humblest fighter I’ve interviewed for

“I pretty much though I’d fight once and then be done.”

Brett comes from a diverse athletic background. A competitive swimmer and coach, a little bit of Karate and wrestling; taking a pro MMA fight was supposed to be just an enriching athletic life experience.

After this initial win, Brett went on to defeat some of the area’s most respectable journeymen such as Lionel Young, Robbie Roberts and Rigo Dominicci.

Brett was handed his first pro loss by IFL vet Matt Lee. It looked like his MMA experience was ready to wrap up but he decided to test himself one more time against Tom Moreau.

“(Tom has) great hands, Jiu Jitsu, well rounded judo had his own school. I figured if I got walked through I’d be finished, I’d be done.”

Brett won the first two rounds by an obvious but slim margin.

“Going into the end, I wasn’t sure how the decision was going to come out. I knew I won the first two rounds with takedowns…”

But the third round, Brett just needed to survive.

“In the third round, I was really tired and he just went to work, he was really trying to finish me. He cut me real good and hit me with a lot of real good shots.”

A tough fight to call, Brett went home with the split decision win. Was he boastful and filled with arrogance after this win?

“I was not ready for Tom Moreau.”

Brett went on to win yet another decision, this time against Cap Cod Fighting Alliance’s Chip Pollard. Again, Brett won the first two rounds but the third was certainly up for grabs.

“He landed a beautiful body shot at the beginning of the third round and it made my legs go numb. I definitely knew he won the third round. It wasn’t nearly as close as the Tom Moreau fight.”

Both of these decision victories can be credited to Brett’s strong work ethic both inside and outside of the ring. He’s had to move through New England for various day job obligations but he’s always found a gym to train with. A past member of Team Aggression, Bishop’s and Wai Kru, Brett now calls Connor’s MMA home. While speaking with Brett, he couldn’t say enough about John Connors, Tyler King, Matt Tullos and James Boran. Quick to pass credit off to others and almost as quick to qualify his own wins, Brett couldn’t be any humbler about his success.

“Both those guys are super tough. I’m sure if I fought them multiple times I wouldn’t be beating them every time.”

Since our interview, Brett went on to beat yet another one of the area’s top welterweights, in yet another hard fought decision. With few top welterweight opponents left for Oteri to dispatch in the North East, maybe this humble man with hard fought gains is inevitably destined to take the leap to the next level.

Brett would like to thank everyone at Connor’s MMA and his sponsors Prime Athletics and Fahrenheit Tanning Salons.

Congratulations to Brett Oteri,’s December Fighter of the Month!