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NortheastMMA Radio Tonight 7pm!

by Bonnell ~ September 27th, 2012

From Bonnell

On tonight’s NortheastMMA Radio show our guest will be long time trainer and fighter, the legendary Bill Mahoney of South Shore Sport Fighting. I can guarantee radio gold for this one, so don’t miss it! Everyone is encouraged to call or text in your questions and comments for Bill. Bill has been fighting in this area before fighting was even cool and way before gloves were even introduced. I’m sure he’ll also have plenty to say about the modern era of MMA today. (more…)

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Get well soon Steve Rita!

by Bonnell ~ May 16th, 2012

steve\'s get well video

Click Link^

Steve Rita has recently suffered a horrible training injury and we at NortheastMMA want to wish him well

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In Your Corner; Self Defense

by Old School ~ September 25th, 2011

Ron Washburn is a lifelong Martial Artist, an attorney, and the newest member of our staff here at NorthEast MMA!!! (more…)

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Below notice is from the GFL… don’t miss it Sunday night!!!

GFL’s second installment of “The Life” airs this Sunday April 10th at 10pm est on NESN.

Tune in to watch GFL’s ” The Life” a television show depicting two fighters John Benoit and Matt Bessette as they journey to GFL 10 April 15th both prepairing for the biggest fight of their lives. Take an in depth look into the lives of both the challenger Light weight Reality fighting Champion and team Underdog fighter Matt Bessette and GFL Lightweight Championand Renzo Gracie/ Sityodtong Fighter John Benoit. GFL productions brings you the insite of their daily training, family and everyday lives as they live them leading up to such a pivitol fight April 15th live from the Tsongas Center at UMASS Lowell.

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The MMA Horn

by Bonnell ~ December 6th, 2010

Posted by: Bonnell
Published: Dec 7th, 2010
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The MMA Horn
A new webcast radio show. The Northeast based radio show airs live twice a week and wraps up local MMA in our area.

While there are a few sites and fellow radio shows in the local market, few are designed specifically to highlight our local fighters with in depth interviews and profiles to better help the local fans gain a personal connection with their favorite fighter. The Main goal of The MMA Horn is to highlight these fighters with up to date interviews designed to not only depict their fighting career but to dig into their lives to get a better feel for their specific goals in the sport and views on their own career and life. In addition to spotlighting the most notable fighters in the area, we also will provide a platform for local promoters to inform our listeners of things they have in the works in regards to their upcoming events.

Overall the creators of this show are trying to develop an informative outlet for fighters, sponsors and promotions alike that will allow them to express their views on any topic related to New England Mixed Martial Arts.

*Shows so far have included fighters such as GFL Champion Pedro Gonzales, Barrington Douse, Anthony Kaponis, Keegan Hornstra and Will Chan, as well as a few local promoters like Cage Titans’ Michael Polvere.*

Also, we would like to announce that the show will be expanding the current format which is one, half hour show a week to two, two hour shows per week. We feel that this will allow us to better inform our listeners of upcoming events, provide them with faster results and allow more airtime to talk to the fighters.

In addition to those 2 weekly radio blogs we also will be airing “Special Edition” shows LIVE from local events as well as a new LiveCast video stream. The MMA Horn at will stream live post fight interviews at the event with the winners as they exit the cage as well as interviews with various fighters and fans in attendance.

In closing, our hopes are that the show will continue to grow and change as the local scene does and better inform everyone about their favorite fighters and promotions, as well as many other topics involving the great sport of Mixed Martial Arts.

If you would like to be on the weekly blog show or would like to have the show LIVE from your event contact Keegan Hornstra at To listen to the show visit and for details and updates on future guests please “Like” us on Facebook at

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EFI Strikes Back Photos

by Rick ~ April 12th, 2009

I’m still looking into photo gallery programs, and I expect to have the gallery up this week. For now, check out photos from EFI Strikes Back at Roger’s photoblog:

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